Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Green" in the Face: Mineral Foundations

    I have to admit,  I'm one of those people who have not totally yielded to the "Organic" or
"All-natural"hype.  I get scared away when there's an "organic" attached to anything especially food because I imagine it to be tasteless and on top of that, expensive. 
    When it comes to makeup though,  I am the biggest fan of  natural or organic because it gives me the confidence that the product I'm using is chemical-free.  See, my skin is very sensitive and my face breaks out immediately after trying on a makeup that my skin is not used to.  So to take the second guessing off of my face makeup,  I usually like to use natural or organic products especially with foundation.
    My favorite makeup foundation in the world is Jane Iredale mineral makeup.  An aesthetician once recommended it to me when I was having breakouts and I've never switched since.  Not only is it natural, it also has spf and it stays on virtually all day without having to retouch half way through the day.  It gives awesome coverage for those imperfections without being too thick on the skin. Their website states that their product is inert that it does not allow bacterial growth!  So there you go acne sufferers out there! Those acne bacteria are banned from your skin with this amazing product.  I just can't rave enough about it so why don't you try it for yourself?  It is a little more expensive than your regular makeup and only some specialty and online stores carry this line,  but trust me, once you go Jane Iredale,  you will never go back. 

Jane Iredale - Amazing Base Loose Minerals SPF 20

    If you can't find Jane Iredale in your area and you can't absolutely wait to get a hold of a natural powder makeup from an online store,  below are other alternatives that are readily available both online and in most department stores and drugstores near you:

    So please, do your skin a favor by going green on your foundation.  You will not only protect your skin from harmful chemicals,  you will also help nurture your skin, keep it young and reduce acne breakouts by keeping bacteria at bay and keeping pores unclogged.

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