Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It's 15 days after the year 2013 has started and I still have not begun doing my resolution which is to sculpt my ab area a little bit.  I have always been underweight all my life.  In my teen years,  I would force feed myself about 1,500 calories a day just so I could be at least the ideal body weight for my height because I was so sick and tired of people teasing me for being stick and bones thin.  I looked so anorexic but in reality my metabolism was just too fast.  I was so depressed about being too thin because in my culture,  thin is just not in.
Well, gone are those days when I could ingest endless amounts of cupcakes and candies without packing on the love handles pounds.  As I aged,  my metabolism has slowed down that I have to watch what I eat now because when i gain weight,  it's like my brain directs all the fat cells to concentrate around my belly area!  Yeah, my brain mechanics is so unmerciful in its fat distribution.
I am rarely able to exercise because as a pharmacist, I'm on my feet all day that I need to lay down or sit every possible chance I get so I am not a big fan of exercise.  So I need the help of a safe pharmacologic agent in assisting my brain to divert my calorie consumption to elsewhere but my belly area!
Recently I stumbled upon this ad for Lipozene.  As do other infomercials that show at around 2 am (maybe around this time, they figure people are likely to be more gullible),  I get so excited because the stuff claims to decrease belly fat area.  Just what I need, I thought.  But with my background in pharmacology,  I usually research the ingredients first and Lipozene, I discovered, apparently has glucomannan in it.  With further research,  I have also found out that Dr. Oz recommended the supplement, glucomannan because it does not really have an ingredient that alters any chemical processes in the body but rather, it acts mechanically in that it expands itself in the gastrointestinal tract making one feel full!  Aha!  this is the kind of weight loss substance I would recommend to people.  Anything that does not affect the heart or brain is an ideal weight loss agent I thought.  But  I can't really recommend anything until I take it myself.  So in a few weeks,  I'll keep you posted.  So, come back to my blog and I will blog about what I think about glucomannan as a pharmacist and as a consumer.  Right now though, it looks promising;)