Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Interview With Christian Siriano

How do I know that Christian Siriano has reached a Rock Star celebrity status?
As I pull up to the window of eDrop-off store in Chicago long before the start of the event, I can already see several fashionistas and fashion bloggers peeking anxiously through the store windows where Christian is putting the last touches on the displays that will soon showcase the products of his trunk show for the Chicago fashion addicts (myself included).
It is not too much longer before the consignment shop on North Halsted St. is packed with fashionistas looking to uncover what Christian will showcase for his trunk show event that evening.
It is hard to believe that more than 4 years have passed since I watched in awe the finale of the Project Runway season 4 when Victoria Beckham herself proclaimed that she would be honored to wear any one of Christian's Siriano's designs. Beckham's endorsement combined with the title of Project Runway's Fourth season's winner was more than enough for the worldwide fashion industry to proudly embrace its newest member.
Showered with compliments on his trunk show, I find Christian to be the most humble, accepting praise with a smile and patiently answering questions from the event with attendees wanting to know more about his unique approach to design and what he sees to be trending in the months to come.
My first question to Chrisitan, of course, has to do with his opinion on 2013 Spring Must-Haves.
CS: "Well, I think the trend is everything in pastel that’s what I’m into for Spring 2013 - a really chic ballerina pink dress whether it’s short, long, maxi, cute, feminine and then I think something with a little bit of sparkle is always good so something whether that’s a dress, a glitter shoe or metallics so that kind of shimmer/shine I think it’s really important."
Looking through the most unique pieces displayed through the store, I ask Christian something I always wanted to know: does he have a favorite celeb style icon?
It only takes him a second  to answer.
CS: "I don’t really have one.  I have a lot of girls that I love working with. I just dressed Carrie Underwood recently who I love. There are so many different types of women, actresses, singers, I think they’re all different in their own way so  I have a long list of people that I would love to work with so that’s what I try to do."
When I ask about Christian's favorite designer he smiles:
"Oh my gosh you know what  honestly, I never really pick a favorite. I like a lot of brands everything from Givenchy to McQueen to Celine, Alaia so many different things but all for different reasons.  Because I think as a designer you have to open your mind to everything, that’s very important."
Check out Christian Siriano's fab designs here:
and e-drop off online consignment store here:

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So there you go girls!  I finally met Christian Siriano!  I don’t think a meeting with any hottest Hollywood actor could ever top this experience of a lifetime.
Until then!
Ty Az

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

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Katy Perry Obama Rally Nov 3 - H 2012