Saturday, October 20, 2012

Project Runway 10 Finale and a "Lifetime" of Obsession

    I've always been a Project Runway fan.  From the very first season when it was still on Bravo,  I've followed the show.  Without googling,  I can probably name most, if not, all of the PR winners.  Okay so here goes the PR winners and who my bets were to win in their season (in no particular order of season and of course not including their last names 'cause those I forgot):

1. Jay ( my bet)
2. Chloe Dao (I wanted Daniel V to win)
3. Leanne (my bet)
4.Christian Siriano (Absolutely my bet and all time PR fave)
5.Irina Shabayeva ( I forgot who I wanted to win I thought she was not too friendly though but her collection is one of the ones that still stands out in my opinion-case in point, I can still picture it in my head)
6.The straight guy with tattoo everywhere who had a baby and whose wife then also had tattoos(they divorced I heard) who had Laura on the same season.  His initial is J ( sorry I can't remember I said I won't google-  I was rooting for Laura and the girl who had a friend from Dollhouse shoes who provided her stuff)(Update: The designer's name is Jeffrey S.)
7. Gretchen ( didn't really like her cause she was mean to Michael Costello my favorite to win)
8.Anya (My bet)
9.Another edgy guy, also straight, whose first name starts with M ( This one I was not very interested in his season for some odd reason)(Update: I later on googled and his name is Seth Aaron)
10.  Dimitry!!!! ( My bet to win)
    And of course, PR All Stars winners Daniel V ( redeemed himself to my excitement) and Mondo (I really wanted Michael Costello to win but Mondo was awesome)
    Wow,  I really surprised myself here.  Bottomline is,  I'm a PR addict and ultimate fan. so when I had the opportunity to meet Tim Gunn, I absolutely had tojump at it!

The Tim and I (my iphone wallpaper)-  I was so startstruck as can be seen in my smile
    Okay , so a little geeky you might think. But hey, if baseball fans remember memorable game moments from days of yore,  why can't a fashion fanatic do the same with her Project Runway? 
  Anyways,  going back to the PR finale,  I was keeping my fingers crossed for #TeamDmitry as number one, he's Russian, well Belarussian to be exact,lol, but nonetheless speaks the language and has "-ov" as suffix to his last name-same as me:).  Number two,  I mean,  his collection was beautiful and impeccable.  He has very unique techniques and his clothes are totally wearable.  Fashion forward, but wearable.  Fabio was fashion forward and gorgeous too, but in high street,  I just can't see myself wearing his clothes without people thinking I belong to a cult of some sort!  LOL
So here's a snapshot of my guy Dmitry's collection:   Go #TeamDmitry and Congratulations!
David Russell
    I hope someday,  Project Runway will treat it's best fan ever(me), to a free seat to one of its Mercedes Benz fashion show finales( sigh, wishful thinking).  For now,  I'll just have to enjoy my favorite show in the comfort of my own "house";)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Trend: Leather Skirts

    I'm quite disappointed with the Fall Trends this season.  The runways were graced with oversized coats like those you would see on old 400 lb detectives, separates that might as well have been overalls because they look like pajamas,  crazy furry dresses and other out of this world, avant garde pieces.  They came from great fashion minds but I don't think the real world is ready yet for these overly fashion forward clothes.  I think I'll pass on these trends this season and stick with the classics except for one thing: leather skirts. I am so obsessed with these pieces but I know these things could break my budget so I scoured the net for the most affordable ones and here are some of what I found:
spiked leather skirt
GoJane $32.20

spiked leather skirt

leather contrast mini skirt
GoJane $23.60

leather contrast mini skirt

Taupe Faux Leather Belted Lame Mini Skirt
Ami Club Wear $14.99

Taupe Faux Leather Belted Lame Mini Skirt

Faux Leather Panel Skirt
Forever 21 $13.80

Faux Leather Panel Skirt

Ponte & Faux Leather Pencil Skirt
Forever 21 17.80

   Leather is very tricky to style.  One wrong move and you cross the dominatrix line.  So here are some styling tips to work the leather skirt trend:
1.  Keep the leather skirt the focal point of your outfit as it is a statement in itself.  That means, try not to wear anything too flashy with it or you'll be too overdecorated
2.  Mix textures with leather skirt.  As much as possible don't wear leather on leather.  Remember, the goal is to not look like catwoman.  Sweaters work really well with leather as it tones down the edginess.
3.  Pay attention to length.  Too short could look cheap and too long may aggravate PETA;)
4. Remember, leather could get costumey so pay attention not to take it too literal with your accessories.  If adding spiky cuffs make you too biker chick, maybe grab some pearl cuffs instead.  If those fishnets remind you of Madonna in the 80's then go bare legs;)
If you style it right,  leather skirts are a great new way to update your wardrobe this fall season!