Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fashion in a Hurry :Unfrumpify Your Style in 60 Seconds!

It's happened to the best of us.  We needed to run a quick errand  very early in the morning so we went unshowered, unmade up and practically in our pj's.  We thought, no big deal, it's just gonna be a quick run to the local pantry.   And then, the unimaginable happens: we run into someone we dare not be caught dead seeing us in our most unglammed up self:  it could be the guy you've been eyeing on since 8th grade, or the meanest clique leader of your rival clique from school, or an ex boyfriend, or the girlfriend of an ex boyfriend, or worst of all, your biggest fashion blog fan! 
Whether you've slept through the alarm and your next Biology finals is in 10 minutes, or you only have 10 minutes to get dressed because Aunt Sophie has been waiting at the airport for 30 minutes now and you just got up,  there's no need to compromise your fashion convictions just because you are in a hurry,  as you never know who you're gonna run into in these crucial moments.  It has happened to me in the past and so I've learned to develop quick tricks to unfrumpy-fy my style even when I'm on the go:

1.  Shades or sunglasses-  never mind that your still sleepy eyes are screaming for some mascara.  if you don't have time for any form of eye makeup,  you gotta put on those shades and your halfway through an unfrumpified look.  You get plus points if you wear the latest style of shades.  People won't even think twice that your eyes are still squinting  trying to recover from that dream from the night before. (Total Time: 1 second)

Large Round Circle Flip Up Paparazzi Sunglasses

2.Hat- your bedhead won't look so bed heady anymore if you put on a hat.  Don't put on a baseball hat though because it screams "  Hmmm...she must not have shampooed for a week".  And covering up with a baseball hat is an old trick.  Instead, opt for a fedora, a cloche, newsboy hat, military style hat, a micro brim hat to add instant "effortless chic"stamp to your hurried style.  (Total Time: 1 second)

    If you're not a hat person, go to number 3( Hair elastics and Dry shampoo)
New Gray 100% Polyester TheDappertie Fedora Hat S/M - H120743


Women's Audrey Wool Cap

3. Hair elastics and Dry shampoo-  there are many hairstyles you could pull off on the go but the fastest one would be a low bun or a side ponytail.  Of course being unshowered, you will need a dry shampoo to absorb all the oil and voila: instant glam! (Total Time: 60 seconds)
DCNL Animal Elements Assorted Hair Elastics

Ion Dry Shampoo

4.Gloss- with your shades on , the only makeup you will need is a gloss and you'll be ready for any candid paparazzi shot that may come your way! (Total Time: 3 to 5 seconds)

Lola Cosmetics - Sheer Lip Gloss (My Beauty) - Beauty

5.Listerine pocket strips-  Even if you didn't shower,  if your breath smells good,  everybody will think you did;) (Total Time: 1 second)
Listerine PocketPaks Oral Care Strips  Cool Mint  Each Pack 72 Strips  6 Packs / Case

5.White shirt - it's neutral so people can't judge your lack of fashion drive today because it's a white shirt and it's always cool. On top of it, you can wear a white shirt everyday without people thinking you're a repeat offender.  They will automatically think you have hundred different ones on hand.  Keep one or two in your closet that's all pressed and ready to go for that moment when you are not given a chance to put it together.(Total Time :5 seconds)
6.  Scarf-   Nothing else adds instant glamour to a casual white shirt look than a scarf.  They come in a variety of colors and prints.  Express your fashion on the go with a scarf. (Total Time:  2 seconds)
Paisley Scarf

Woven Tribal Scarf

7.  A leather jacket, a blazer, a vest or a cardigan-  I love wearing those ones that fall just right at the waist to give a layered look to my white tee.  And layering equals , wow she really put some thought into it! ( Total Time:  5 seconds)

8. Black  Leggings- like the white shirt, leggings are so comfortable and fashionable at the same time.  Plus, you can grab those leggings from your dresser without even ironing them and people won't even know that you only had a minute to get ready. Black leggings are for the most part, wrinkle proof (or at least they don't look wrinkly when they're on).  They are a great alternative to sweat pants which really say to people that you've given up on fashion altogether!  For a downtown instant glamour,  opt for a leatherette leggings and you can basically fit in with the people who really thought about it today:)  (Total Time: 5 seconds)

9.  Flats -  again, this is where you can really amp up the volume on who you are when it comes to fashion.  You could wear loafers, peeptoe flats, a colored , animal print or any favorite flats you have.  You should have a go to flats for styling on the go! (Total Time: 5 seconds)
Steven by Steve Madden

Fendi 8F3262-NBJ-DK-RED-37.5 Dark Red Ballerina Goat Leather Flats

10.   Boots-  a flat riding boots add instant fashion for those cold winter days.  Preferably in black so it's totally fool proof! (Total Time:  5 seconds)
Marc By Marc Jacobs Black Leather Riding Boots

Of course you need to be ready for this fashion emergency crisis by having a contingency plan for hurried fashion situations like this.  That's why you should have a fashion emergency kit in your closet for these fashion on the go moments.  They need to all be in one place or risk being late because you have to find each of your items from all corners of your room.  But if you're prepared for times like these and your items are all in one place, then you can be ready in less than a minute , okay, five minutes if your middle name is Turtle (lol)! In no time, you can be ready for that quick appointment that you didn't have an hour to get ready for and on top of it, you can make it fashionably on time;)
So my lovely fashionistas, do you have your own fashion on the go secrets you wanna share with us? ;)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Romper 4 Ways

Hey lovely followers!  For this blog I styled my romper 4 ways.  I wanna show that rompers can be very flexible even when the weather starts to get cold.  I styled my romper by itself, with a jean vest, with a shrunken blazer and a leather jacket.  So you don't really have to put those rompers away just yet.  They could still be useful for the colder days ahead.  To see more of these looks, go to