Sunday, July 15, 2012

Closet Staple #6: Go to Shoes

    In her book Style From A t o Zoe,  Rachel Zoe named the four types of shoes a woman needs to have in her closet:

1.BALLERINA FLATS( Preferably in neutral colors)

              BRATTYY TAN LEATHER (Steve Madden)
                                                      APEPAZZA Ballet flats - Item 44441318

              BIBI LOU Ballet flats - Item 44411810


3. BLACK PUMPS in as high a heel as you can handle:

4.PLAIN KNEE HIGH LEATHER BOOTS (pick a pair and color based on your personal style)

High heel boots

Rider Boots

Military Style Boots

Military Style Boots

    In addition to Rachel Zoe's list,  I would like to add to our closet staples, a  flat open toe sandals for the summer.  Here are my picks:

    It was very difficult for me to not include gladiator sandals  here in my sandal picks but I had to resist the urge to include them as the gladiator styles are sort of trendy and they may go in and out of style.  Closet staples should have classic styles to increase their wearability . 
    So there you have it fashionistas, your closet staple #6 are your go to shoes.  If you absolutely have no extra cash to have all the shoes in the world, stick to these 5 shoe staples and you are guaranteed to have a closet that will withstand the test of time and trends!


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