Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Closet Staple #7: A Basic White Tee

    Surprisingly, so many girls don't even have a basic white t-shirt. These girls don't know that they can form so many outfits just with this magical thing called the basic white tee (BWT). From casual to formal wear, this basic staple will stretch your wardrobe budget for miles and miles.  When in doubt and you are having a fashion crisis, you can always run to your basic white T shirt and your dilemma will be resolved in an instant!  There are different fabrics and necklines, but for about $5 a shirt at Walmart or Target, why not stock up on all fabrics and necklines? That's why Simon Cowell probably has a million white T-shirts!!  It is the staplest of our closet staples so fashionistas, if you have to ever choose to just own one piece in your closet, the BWT should definitely be it!  White tees are the stylists'secret weapon as these keep the fashion police at bay. You can never go wrong with a white tee.  Here are pictures of celebs sporting the versatile white tee in so many different ways:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trend Alert: UKcessories!

Hey fashionistas!  I am in an Olympic spirit right now.  I am so obsessed with this UK trend
and so are fashion designers.   I love this article from

BEST TRENDS FOREVER OLYMPICS 2012 STYLEOk, this UK craze is getting really out of hand. Literally. Things with Union Jacks are flying off the store shelves with ever increasing speed. Seriously? From Cesare Paciotti’s suede shoes to Jimmy Choo’s acrylic sunglasses no matter what country you are from, the elements of British flag are now #1 fashion accessory and it appears it is the trend that will be sticking around, even after the UK 2012 Olympics. It is as if everyone has finally received a permission to wear Union Jack accessories without feeling unpatriotic. I mean, I may be an Australian, or an American fashionista, but I do support my team's participation in the UK Olympics. If there was a time to wear a UK accessory and not feel strange about it, it is now.
With Jimmy Choo, Omega, Anya Hindmarch and just about most of the top designers in the world rushing to leave their mark in this historic event, it seems that everyone wants a piece of the action. As we have reported previously, Lacoste is completely out of their UK totes and as of this day 7/18/2012 the website still says that the item is "Temporarily Out Of Stock" and a link to be on an email list whenever the item becomes available.
As a reminder, both UK and US members of BTF can still win the Lacoste bag either on this website (click here) or on our facebook page.Good luck and don't forget to UKcessorize!

And UKcessorize I will.    Here are some of my favorite UK items:

Alexander McQueen
Do you want to be a part of this latest fashion trend?  Well,  I just found out about this contest by where they are raffling off this Lacoste limited edition UK tote! 
Allyou need to do is to be the last one to comment on a thread. It's that easy!  For more information on the contest click here:
or their facebook page:

Have fun UKcessorizing!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ok, this is not really related to my "staples" lol, but it helps keeps your clothing "staples" organized :) Very original imho


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Closet Staple #6: Go to Shoes

    In her book Style From A t o Zoe,  Rachel Zoe named the four types of shoes a woman needs to have in her closet:

1.BALLERINA FLATS( Preferably in neutral colors)

              BRATTYY TAN LEATHER (Steve Madden)
                                                      APEPAZZA Ballet flats - Item 44441318

              BIBI LOU Ballet flats - Item 44411810


3. BLACK PUMPS in as high a heel as you can handle:

4.PLAIN KNEE HIGH LEATHER BOOTS (pick a pair and color based on your personal style)

High heel boots

Rider Boots

Military Style Boots

Military Style Boots

    In addition to Rachel Zoe's list,  I would like to add to our closet staples, a  flat open toe sandals for the summer.  Here are my picks:

    It was very difficult for me to not include gladiator sandals  here in my sandal picks but I had to resist the urge to include them as the gladiator styles are sort of trendy and they may go in and out of style.  Closet staples should have classic styles to increase their wearability . 
    So there you have it fashionistas, your closet staple #6 are your go to shoes.  If you absolutely have no extra cash to have all the shoes in the world, stick to these 5 shoe staples and you are guaranteed to have a closet that will withstand the test of time and trends!