Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yay! Alli is back

    Let me just interrupt my closet staples series by giving you a very important news that Alli is back! There has been a shortage of this for the last few months  and because of the high demand for it during the shortage, unscrupulous individuals have even increased its price to upwards of $700 for a 30 day supply on ebay and  But finally, the wait is over,  manufacturers are back on track making it and the price has subsided to its original level.


Alli - Starter Pack 90 Capsules

     Because it's beach time, I have been getting a lot of questions and emails lately about weight loss supplements that I can recommend for them. Well, I have good news for you.  My recommendation is not a supplement, it is actually a weight loss drug, the only over the counter weight loss drug that's FDA approved-ALLI.
  So what's the difference between Alli and the other weight loss supplements out there? The keyword is, the rest are just  supplements.  They are not FDA approved to claim any medical outcome in the body.  Only drugs approved by the FDA can claim therapeutic benefits.  If OTC vitamins and supplements start claiming that they can cure something, then they are claiming to be drugs and FDA can tell them, wait a second, you can not do that, if you will claim to have therapeutic effects on the body, then you have to be approved as a drug.  Drug approvals take years and a lot of research before they can be available in the market.
    That means, ALLI, or its active ingredient, Orlistat has undergone just that.  It has gone through clinical trials until FDA has finally cleared it as a drug years ago.  It initially came out as Xenical (120mg Orlistat) which was a prescription medication.  After several studies have proven its safety,  the FDA gave it a go to become an Over The Counter medication.  Alli is a drug that's available to you now over the counter.  It can claim therapeutic benefits of weight loss because it is not a supplement but a drug. 
  How does the drug Alli work?  It works as anti-obesity medication by blocking the enzymes that breakdown fat.  Because fat is not broken down, then it is not absorbed, resulting in less calories for the body.  Yahoo!!
 But all drugs have pros and cons. 
Pros of Alli: 
1.  It is a drug and therefore you can trust that it is clinically proven to work
2.  It is safe enough to use without the supervision of a doctor
3.  Unlike other supplements, this one does not increase heart rate nor does it work by curbing the appetite.  Supplements that do these normally work on your adrenaline and the nervous system which is never good to be used especially if you have heart issues
1.  Can only be used if you are more than 15lbs overweight
2. It has gastrointestinal side effects- which, because this is a fashion blog, I'd rather not elaborate on- you can email me if you want and I will tell you what these side effects are;)
3.  You still need to watch what you eat because if you don't, the gastrointestinal effects will be much worse.
4.  because it decreases absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, multivitamin supplementation is needed alongside Alli.
 Anyway,  I am happy that now Alli is back for my patients who have been checking with me everyday on its availability.    If you are 15 lbs or more overweight ( see Ideal Body Weight chart below or you may calculate it here:,
then you may be a candidate for Alli.  Of course, as a disclaimer, it is still best to ask your physician before starting any diet regimen. 
  Hope this helps fashionistas!  Remember, fashion and health always go hand in hand:)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Closet Staple #4: A great quality investment handbag

    Every fashionable girl will agree that a closet is not complete without a great quality handbag.  The handbag must be in a neutral color so that it goes well with any outfit in your wardrobe.  A handbag in white, beige, chocolate brown, camel, black or grey is a must have.  Find the handbag of the greatest quality you can afford.  If your budget allows it, get an expensive designer handbag as these handbags are not just expensive because of their designer name.  Most of these handbags are actually handmade and last for a very long time.  Also, try to resist the urge to get the "it" handbags of the moment as these can be trendy and usually easily go out of style.  Instead, get a classic designer handbag that's sure to withstand the test of time.  There is an investment handbag for every budget and lifestyle.  The most important thing is to have a durable and fashionable handbag without breaking the bank.  Fashion should be fun.  It gets tacky when you try to portray something you are not.  Don't lose sleep over creditors hounding you just because you've just maxed out your visa card on the latest Hermes Birkin.  I would take a Target Mossimo handbag any day over a very expensive Louis Vuitton Epi leather handbag as long as I have enough money to pay for lunch and gas.  Fashion should be fun and reasonable.  Live the fashionable lifestyle within your price range and pick the investment handbag within your budget.

Below I have picked investment handbags for every budget:

High End (In no particular order of price):
Chanel $2,990

Hermes Birkin -Upwards of $10,000
Fendi Pikaboo -$3,793

Mid End (In no particular order of price):

  Tory Burch Robinson Tote -$495


Relatively low price range:


Botkier Eden Satchel $349.99

Botkier - Eden Satchel (Nude Cowhide/Satin Brass) - Bags and Luggage

You may notice that I started with Michael Kors as my 'low price range".  Now before you hit that send button on your hate email telling me that $298 is not low range at all, remember that I did this because this post is about an investment handbag.  I feel that every woman no matter what they can afford should own an investment handbag.  Michael Kors handbags, especially the Hamilton bag featured here feels exquisite to the touch and it is so luxurious that I think every hard working woman must at least start with a Michael Kors handbag.  It costs $298 maybe less if it is on sale or if you get it from Marshalls or an outlet mall.  If you can't afford that in one pop, why not get a piggy bank and put in $1 a day everyday and by the end of the year, you will be able to get this very luxurious piece without even knowing it! Happy handbag shopping my fashionistas!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Closet Staple #3: A- line Skirt

Simply Sublime SkirtVintage San Fran Skirt                                                                      Ginger Snap to It Skirt

 Absolutely another thing a closet should never ever exist without: an A line skirt.  A line skirts that are neutral in color are a must for one's closet because it is the one size fits all kind of item for every body shape.  It suits every kind of body shape whether you be a diamond, apple, pear or whatever shape you are, A line skirts will flatter your physique.  No second guessing with this closet staple so why not own several in every color if you have the means to?  It can be worn for different purposes with just some tweaks in styling.  Here's one skirt styled 5 different ways: 

Styled by StyleMe Feature
A sheer blouse tucked in to this A line skirt makes a perfect work outfit

Styled by StyleMe Feature
With a blazer and a pair of boots, this A line skirt would work well for fall or winter

Styled by StyleMe Feature
Perfect Skirt for a Sunday Brunch with Friends

Styled by StyleMe Feature
A Lazy Weekend Walk in the Park

Styled by StyleMe Feature
If you were SJP and you have to absolutely glam up a casual skirt for a last minute dinner date,
I think this is how you would approach it!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

70th follower raffle - Contest Winner!

Congratulations to @mvanderpool for winning my 70th follower contest!! She won all the items above Rodan and Fields 1) Anti-Aging Eye Cloths,2) Anti-Aging Lip Treatment and 3)Anti-aging Eye Cream I promise you will love it.  I place my pharmacist seal of approval on these products.  Wrinkles (If you have them), will never know what hit them when you use these amazing anti-aging system! Youthful glow galore!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Color Schemes: Achromatic Color Scheme

One of the most important things to consider in styling is color.  In styling yourself or others,  you must always consider if a color of an item will flatter the skin tone of the person and if the item's color will flatter  the other elements of an outfit.  Does the color of my top go well with the color of my purse? if it does will it then go well with my shoe color?  What about my makeup?  Any wrong move in selecting a color of any aspect of an outfit will break the entire look.  So great emphasis must be placed on color:
Before we can fully understand the color theory,  we need the all time tool for color- the color wheel:

For this blog, I would like to look at different color schemes that stylists or artists for that matter use to create their work. 

1. Achromatic
3. Harmonious
4. Complementary
5. Combined Analogous and Complementary

For this post,  I will be discussing Achromatic color scheme

  Achromatic means the absence of color.   Achromatic color schemes involve black, grey or white.  Grey is a combination of black and white so it may be paired with white or black or both and the combination always works.  The achromatic color scheme denotes sophistication.  Achromatic color scheme is usually associated with "formal", "evening", "business", etc. 
   Here are some styles that used the achromatic color scheme:

Donna Karan Fashion Show


The achromatic color scheme works very well.  If you don't know your color theory, play safe and do achromatic.  There's no second guessing and you can never go wrong with this color scheme!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Closet Staple #2: Cocktail Dress

    It's been a while since I have blogged.  Ten days to be exact! I have been busy with pharmacy stuff and everything else but fashion blogging and I so miss my fashionistas now so here I am back from my 10 day hiatus!
    Anyhow,  where I left off was closet staples.  Pieces that every girl must absolutely own in her closet.  Now we go to the second closet staple every woman must have in her wardrobe : a cocktail dress.  It could be a little black dress or any other cocktail dress that's neutral in color such as navy, camel, tan, etc.  for as long as the cut and fit of the dress flatters your body type.  Neutral colors are good must- haves because closet staples are the building blocks of your wardrobe.  The idea is for these items to be worn with other things in your closet-not just for parties but for other purposes as well.  By doing this, you are increasing the wearability of your dress which means more savings and therefore more moneyfor clothes;)

Below is a cocktail dress worn three ways:

For a cocktail party:

Styled By StyleMe

For Work:

For A Casual Day Look:

Worn underneath a sheer blouse,  a cocktail dress could
 disguise as a skirt;) for day
Styled By StyleMe
So now we have another classic staple to put in our closet.  Please stay tuned as our next blog will be another one of our closet staples.  By the time we are done with this series, you will have a closet full of classic pieces on which to build your style.  Again, don't go without a classic, neutral-colored, cocktail dress!