Friday, June 1, 2012

Closet Staple #2: Cocktail Dress

    It's been a while since I have blogged.  Ten days to be exact! I have been busy with pharmacy stuff and everything else but fashion blogging and I so miss my fashionistas now so here I am back from my 10 day hiatus!
    Anyhow,  where I left off was closet staples.  Pieces that every girl must absolutely own in her closet.  Now we go to the second closet staple every woman must have in her wardrobe : a cocktail dress.  It could be a little black dress or any other cocktail dress that's neutral in color such as navy, camel, tan, etc.  for as long as the cut and fit of the dress flatters your body type.  Neutral colors are good must- haves because closet staples are the building blocks of your wardrobe.  The idea is for these items to be worn with other things in your closet-not just for parties but for other purposes as well.  By doing this, you are increasing the wearability of your dress which means more savings and therefore more moneyfor clothes;)

Below is a cocktail dress worn three ways:

For a cocktail party:

Styled By StyleMe

For Work:

For A Casual Day Look:

Worn underneath a sheer blouse,  a cocktail dress could
 disguise as a skirt;) for day
Styled By StyleMe
So now we have another classic staple to put in our closet.  Please stay tuned as our next blog will be another one of our closet staples.  By the time we are done with this series, you will have a closet full of classic pieces on which to build your style.  Again, don't go without a classic, neutral-colored, cocktail dress!


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