Monday, May 21, 2012

Closet Staples: The White Collared Shirt (Part 2 of Wardrobe Overhaul Series)

    Recently I blogged about spring cleaning and overhauling my wardrobe.   I had to toss some stuff away because I am so notorious in buying a lot of in the moment clothes that don't last through different seasons.  Now that my closet is empty again,  I promised myself to be wiser when it comes to shopping.  I plan on building the foundation of my closet with staples. With staples, I mean pieces that I can pair with different items from my closet to create different looks.  These staples are the building blocks of my wardrobe.  Through the next few blogs,  I will be discussing one closet staple that a wardrobe should never ever be without.  Today,  I will discuss one of the staples every girl must have in her wardrobe: 
            Closet Staple #1: A crisp white collared shirt
This piece is very versatile, it can be worn for work, casual weekend and vacation looks:

For Work:

Tucked in to a gray work pants, finished with a red belt a zebra pump and a black croc skin
structured purse, this outfit is sure to impress!
(Styled from StyleMe feature)

For A Casual Weekend Look: 
Tucked into a midi skirt, this button down staple goes from serious to casual
(Styled from StyleMe feature)

            For that vacation/touristy look:        
And here's Olivia Palermo sporting our closet staple # 1:

And Kim Kardashian:

So there you have it, closet staple #1 for work, play and evening out.  Please don't let your closet be without it my fashionistas!


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  2. White collard shirt is a definitely a core staple. Really like the casual weekend look.


  3. A white shirt is a basic on my clóset!!
    great post!

  4. thanks so much! :) I was very excited about it too!

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