Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fashion Trends I Thought I Would Never Be Caught Dead Wearing (But I'm growing to like;) ) Part 2: The Mirrored Sunglasses

I guess you can't blame me if I used to loathe this trend as the first person to pop in my head when you say mirrored sunglasses is Cyndi Lauper with her electric pink hair and fishnet tights. Recently, as I looked back at pictures of my childhood,  I cringed as pictures after pictures of myself sporting this 80's trend graced the scrapbook of my grandmother.  As I was about to bury this trend and swear never again to be ever, ever be caught dead in these horrendous shades,  I saw photos of  fashion icons nonchalantly rocking these reflective sunnies  all over the magazines and online:


Now, I'm on board!  I am absolutely starting to love these shades!  I should have known better   from styling school not to ever swear off any particular trend because trends recycle every twenty years!!!  Whether I like it or not,these shades were bound to come back right about now so what was I really thinking?  Next, up, denim from head to toe!! Eeekk!!! If that were to happen,  fashion world, you're on your own!



  1. I never would've thought twice about buying a pair of mirrored lenses, but now I actually like them. They have really grown on me, but I for some reason only like the yellow ones. xx Pip

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  2. I first saw this type of lens on one of my favorite blogs, and it was styled great, so I've been a fan since the start! :) Lovely blog, now following on GFC and Bloglovin!

  3. I too am slowly being swayed in my dislike of mirrored sunglasses!


  4. Mirrored sunglasses are kind of cool, but head to toe denim is a frightening trend.


  5. so inspiring