Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Three Anti-Aging Weapons

If I may get cliche-ist for a little bit,  may I say, I live and breathe fashion and skin care.  I know I work behind the counter of a pharmacy, hidden from the public and on the phone for the most part, but i have to be fashionable underneath the drab white smock that I have to wear day in and day out.

A little bit of venting first.
My obsession with fashion and skin care is how I stay sane filling prescriptions all day, answering patient questions, and dealing with some angry doctors and other healthcare staff. I also live and breathe anything anti-aging.   Believe me,  I love my job. But I don't wanna grow too old and lose my style  doing it because it does get insane sometimes having to multi- task supervising my staff while ensuring that patients get the accurate prescriptions and, fast.  I wanna stay young and fashionable while performing a crucial role in making people feel healthier and better. 

     Staying stylish may be a little easier in the career path that I took.  Though I have to be on my feet all day,  I just choose to be comfortable by wearing a cool pair of flats and refusing to wear tennis shoes, though wearing the latter gets very tempting to do whenever my sore feet complain to me at night.  But I just ignore their nagging and, maybe, purchase a really stylish pair of crocs(though crocs and stylish seem like an oxymoron, there are now ones that are very fashion forward, fyi) the next day so I don't fully compromise the welfare of my feet nor my principle to be stylish at all costs.

Staying Young, Acne and Other Stuff...
Now staying young with my hectic schedule and with the grueling demands of my job, that may be a tall order.  I've always known that there is a connection between stress and skin conditions.  Some people get rashy under stressful conditions, some get acne due to increase in the hormones produced by the body in response to stress, while others like me, age.  It's because people frown when under stress, those lines get deeper over time with repeated tense-inducing situations and so aging shows on their skin faster. Since I belong to the group that frown a lot under stress ,  I know I have to do something fast to try to slow down the aging process.  So here are my anti-aging "prescriptions" to keep the wrinkles at bay:
1.  Relaxation techniques.   Whenever a challenging moment comes my way,  I close my eyes and breathe for 7 seconds before I approach the situation.  By doing this,  I notice that I have forgotten part of the reason why the situation is stressfull to begin with.  I also feel that by breathing, I am enabling my system to send more oxygen to the brain, allowing me to focus my plan of handling the situation best.  Breathing also relaxes my facial lines as it keeps myself from frowning when I  take deep breaths.  So killing three birds with one stone with no price tag on it,  deep breathing is a cheap and effective way to battle tension all the time.
2. Okay, of course I have to throw in some pills here, you all know that right?  But as a pharmacist I am very picky with the supplements that I take.  I can easily detect whether a supplement is a hype or not.  This pill though, works wonders!  And I put my pharmacist seal of approval on it.  This wonder "vitamin" is called, IMEDEEN.  Part of the characteristic of a young skin is its dewiness.  And man, does Imedeen dew-ify a lot!  The stuff works from within to bring that youthful glow we all long for.  The tablets are made of marine extracts and Vitamin C, the combination of which successfully make the skin look young and the fine lines to appear less visible.  I take Imedeen everyday and the days that I forgot to take them are the days that I look  old on my facebook photos.  I can easily track the days I missed a dose when I look at my photo albums and I don't like how I look on them.  So I carry a pill box in my purse and fill them up with Imedeen so I keep up with the twice daily dosing of my favorite supplement in the world!
3.  Rodan and Fields Anti-Age.  I mean I love the pair.  Two Stanford grads concocting an anti-aging line, where do I purchase?  I've grown up on Proactiv for my youthful, acneic skin.  Now that I'm older,  I trust these doctors to work the same wonders on my beyond-my-teens skin.  So I tried their product and they do not disappoint.  I actually got my package yesterday, my second batch!    I am very happy I stumbled upon this website, that sells this line.  I guess they are not available in stores and that you have to buy them from online
So there, my three anti-aging weapons.   Equipped with these guys,  I think I can extend my youthfulness for a very long time in a stressful world such as mine!!

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