Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The skinny on celebrity-endorsed diet products

    I had to make a quick run to the pharmacy today and as I went for the milk section,  I could not help but lurk at the diet aisle where I saw Kim Kardashian everywhere on the diet section of the drugstore.  It's crazy how ubiquitous Kim Kardashian has become.  You can't escape her presence anymore.  She used to just belong in the magazine aisle now she has conquered the supplement section as well.  I was surprised to also find Cheryl Burke and Holly Madison gracing these shelves along with Kim.  Curious, I looked at some of the ingredients and I saw a ton of caffeine and caffeine like substances, laxatives and diuretics on their labels.  The labels on most of them also indicated " All Natural", "Quick", " No Side Effects" and so on and so forth.

I have to be very restrained with my opinion on these things because I have a ton of things to say regarding these diet fads.  But I am not here to rant.  I came here to buy milk.  So, all I can say is do your due diligence research before you grab one of these from the shelves .  I mean these girls are great celebs and I think Kim has a very good fashion sense.  But don't let their star status sway you into ingesting something that could potentially alter your chemical balance! No, no,no! I'm talking especially to those who have pre -existing conditions and are taking prescription medications because some of the ingredients that I saw could and will interact with a lot of your medications like antidepressants, antianxiety drugs and high blood pressure meds.   They could even interact with your Starbucks:) And please,  don't fall for the "All Natural" thing.  It does not mean it is side effect free. I mean venom is all natural and is notorius for its side effects, lol. You get the point. .  Just be smart and ask your doctor or your friendly pharmacist before you start any diet regimen.  And, of course, healthy eating and daily exercise are probably the cheaper and safer way to shed the pounds so I advocate going those routes first.
     But what am I doing? I'm off now.  No more medication counselling.  I did that all day.  Now if I could only get to that dairy aisle and finally go home and enjoy my glass of milk and oreos and my DVR marathons of Dancing With The Stars and Keeping Up With The Kardashians...

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