Monday, April 23, 2012

My Love-Hate Relationship with the Mint-Green Trend
    So there's this new trend that I love but loathe: mint green.  Hmmm...  I love it but loathe it? kinda confusing for a little bit, huh?  I love it because it's mint green!!   I mean, who doesn't? It's innocent , it's refreshing, it's relaxing.  It's the color of a baby's room. It's the color of vacation.  The color of the calm waters of the Bahamas.  It's probably one of those few colors that have a psychosomatic effect in a person:  you look at it and all of a sudden all your worries vanish.  So why do I loathe it again?  Well, you see, my skin color repels it.  I tried on so many mint green clothes and they just don't agree with me.  As the trendy girl that I am, however,  I refuse to give up on this new trend.  So what do I do?  I will then just have to wear it away from my face!  I wanna give homage to this noble color that is mint green by finding ways to rock it other than wearing it as a shirt or a dress.  So here are the ways I plan to rock this awesome new trend:

By wearing a mint colored jeans,  I give my daily casual outfit a "refreshing" look: 

Styled From BestTrendsForever.Com

Another way that I plan to rock this mint green trend is by wearing a mint colored sandals like these:

Styled From BestTrendsForever.Com

 Now for a more sophisticated look,  I could also wear it as a blouse, just not in a solid color so my skin tone is not totally "unflattered"(Sorry,  I so can't resist the "away from my face" rule):

Styled From BestTrendsForever.Com

Now mint green does not seem so intimidating to wear anymore. Bring it on fashion trendsetters from Paris!  This fashion fanatic won't pass up on any new trend without a fight.  Hello, open midriffs! :) 

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