Thursday, May 10, 2012

Body Shapes: Styling Tips for the Apple Shaped

   If you have broad shoulders and a torso that's much wider than your lower body,  then you are probably an apple.  Think inverted triangle:
 If you are apple shaped your goals are: To accentuate slim arms and decolletage, create waist, slim the torso and accentuate the legs and balance the heaviness of the torso by wearing the appropriate bottoms.

Ideal tops for an Apple Shaped are:
A waist cinched V- shaped top
A waist cinched V- shaped top

 A belted v neck jacket

A dark v-shaped ruched t-shirt


Bottoms ideal for an apple shaped                         

Mini skirts with or without pleats.  If pleats are chosen, the details must start below the waist so as not to add bulk to the belly area

flared or bootcut pants balances out the heaviness of the torso


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