Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Styling Tips For the Height Deprived

Here are some styling tips for our shorty fashionistas out there to provide the illusion of height:
Wear the same color from head to foot:

Styled from StyleMe Feature

Styled from StyleMe Feature

Wear black from the waist down:

Wear Platforms:                                                                                                        


Avoid uberly tall heels (these ones draw attention to how short the person really is):    

And avoid those that have ankle straps as they make the legs look short:




   Wear pinstripe pants:   

Also avoid anything that would make you look disproportionate such as overly wide legged pants horizontal lines and very loose garments!
    There you go my shorties!  We don't have to be gifted with the tall genes to look like super models.  All we need to do are simple tricks of the trade and we will be strutting down the streets ala Gisele Bundchen!

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