Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Naomi Campbell Stars in a New Reality Show

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And no, it's not about cellphone throwing.  It's about the search for new models to be the spokesperson for a big national brand according to the New York Post.  The new show titled "The Face" will have Campbell coach aspiring models as they work with photographers, stylists and fashion designers.  Oxygen will be the network where the show will be aired.  She now joins three other supermodels hosting a fashion-based reality TV:  Heidi Klum for Project Runway (My ultimate fave!),  Tyra Banks for America's Next Top Model and Elle McPherson for Fashion Star.  Good luck on your show Ms. Naomi and I hope that you will be the role model for these aspiring new models! 


  1. this should be interesting!

    love the blog! im a new follower from IFB :)

    1. Thanks sammycx! I'm still waiting for that more detailed post on that criss cross jeans that your promised;)

  2. what's the deal with the cell phone throwing?