Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Closet Staple #5: Blazer

   Blazers are a must have for any closet.  Preferably, each closet should have a neutral colored blazer.  If you have the resources for it, then get a blazer in every color and every style as a blazer can totally transform a piece of clothing into infinite styling possibilities!!
  Today I am featuring one of my favorite clothing stores, Dorothy Perkins.  They have different styles of blazers in every color imaginable.  So fashionistas, don't ever let your closet be without our closet staple #5,a girl's styling best friend, the blazer.
Black buttonless blazer

Black 3/4 sleeve blazer 

Black linen long line blazer

Blue lightweight zipper blazer

Cream lace blazer

Green lace lined blazer

Grey herringbone blazer




  1. I have to say, a blazer is a MUST for any wardrobe. A black one is the most important to have - not trendy and goes with everything.


    1. I agree ally, black should be the most important one to have!

  2. Oh I like the cream lace blazer.. ^^

  3. I love the cream lace and the waterfall blazer! Yes, I believe that blazers are staple, especially to working girls. :-)

    Check out my new post and feel free to leave a comment! :-)

    1. yes pau! blazers are great staples as they are great layering pieces !

  4. Amazing! I probably own almost 10 different blazers from pink to baby blue to the black staple one. Love the pin stripe and purple....think I need to get some more ;)

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    Hope we can follow each other.

    1. hi jenelle,
      wow i need to catch up to your collection of blazers! I ony have a few:) Ill definitely wanna follow you too!